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Asset Stack is the next generation token sale management platform that helps global entrepreneurs attract funding for their projects, in a secure and compliant manner.
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All token types are welcome

Asset Stack helps to qualify your assets for the correct regulatory environment and relevant, active buyers. Whether you are looking to issue Security, Utility, or Digitized Asset tokens, Asset Stack will support your business model.


Whether you’re selling your assets from San Francisco, Zug, Tokyo, or Malta, utilizing our platform will ensure that you are legally compliant. We’ll have you covered with region-specific localization based on where your token buyers reside. Asset Stack will support your sale globally.

Public and Private Sale Compliance

Asset Stack stays on top of the latest KYC/AML procedures, preventing bad actors and residents of restricted countries from participating in your token sale.
Do Reg D and subscription agreements determine how you conduct your roadshows? Asset Stack will help you by verifying all accredited investors on your behalf.

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Customize your token sale with a unique, flexible smart contract system that allows you to set:

  • flexible token sale bonuses and discounts
  • vesting periods and other sales parameters
  • dynamically adjusted asset prices to reflect demand

Customizable Design

Choose from a wide array of templates or create your own look and feel for your Asset Stack backend.


  • Stop worrying about DDoS Attacks by hosting your Asset Stack with our AWS cloud service
  • Prevent phishing by generating a unique contribution address for each asset buyer
  • Only allow admin access through a cold wallet or metamask authorization
  • Secure your assets with multisignature (multisig) transactions


Need legal advice? We partner with top legal experts in various jurisdictions and will be happy to introduce you to our network.

Build Your Stack

Contact us and we’ll be thrilled to walk you through the process.

End-to-End Asset

A full-service platform enabling your token sale to be managed the way you want it to be; in a flexible, secure, and compliant manner. Other solutions simply don't stack up!


A straightforward, intuitive, and highly customisable platform - token sales as they should be done.


Easy to choose options, enabling the smooth and quick launch of your token presale.

Public Sale

A comprehensive framework to ensure full legal compliance, regardless of token type.

Asset Distribution

Exceptional security processes, safeguarding storage and transactions during asset distribution.

Our Team

Our team consists only of pure specialists in their fields

Sergei Gritsenko

Co-Founder and CEO

My passion for the blockchain, high-tech and entertainment industries combined with my project management skill set make me an ideal candidate for project leadership positions.

I have a 12-year track record of success leading projects in a variety of industries, ranging from high-tech, blockchain, advertising, marketing, and visual effects. As a project manager, I contributed to the success of creative and technical teams by organizing and overseeing projects, strategically allocating resources, raising funds and managing budgets and expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

As COO (Chief Operations Officer) at Rentberry, I contributed to a highly successful ICO raising close to $30MM. Keynote speaker at a variety of global blockchain events. Currently advising and assisting promising blockchain projects with their ICO's.

Oleg Poskotin


Entrepreneur, startup founder, go-to-market strategist.

Alexander Pavlov

Head Of Sales

As a repeated participant and prize winner of the programming Olympiads, early on, I sharpened and build up my skills at the beginning of my career holding such positions as a systems administrator, SEO-specialist, Project Manager, Co-founder of media portal with 1M+ active users.

From there, I’ve fully realized my natural-born entrepreneurship, founding multiple successful companies, excelled in the IT industry and propelled to become one of the pioneers of Blockchain in the CIS.

Accumulating along the way 10+ years of IT experience and 6+ years in upper echelon management.

Today my mission is to advance as much as possible in the Blockchain Industry, pass my expertise upon new coming projects and startups, share and contribute to the community worldwide.

Aleksander Sharypin

Blockchain developer. EOS team lead

Development of highly loaded microservice architectures and SPA/PWA web-applications in blockchain technologies.

  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, RSpec, Mina
  • Docker
  • SLIM, SASS, Pug
  • ES5-8, React, Redux, Redux-saga, Webpack
  • Experience with Unix systems
  • Git
  • NodeJS, Express, Koa, axios, lodash
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch
  • Graphene, BitShares, EOS Dawn 3.0

Vlad Ignatov

Senior Blockchain Engineer

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Bitcoin Core
  • Bitcoin-Cli
  • Ethereum and Solidity
  • Graphene, BitShares, EOS Dawn 3.0
  • Linux
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • AngularJS
  • Geth
  • Bitrix24

Vasiliy Shakhunov

Senior Software Architect

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Basic knowledge Node.js
  • Vagrant
  • MySQL
  • Linux server administration
  • Nginx Rspec Capistrano Ruby
  • Installing, configuring Debian GNU / Linux servers (smb, ftp, apache, various forums (phpbb, ipb), game servers (battle.net, cs, etc))

Dmitry Shramko

Senior Software Architect

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Rspec, FactoryGirl
  • Capistrano, Mina
  • Devise, ActiveModelSerializers, aasm, jwt, redis
  • JavaScript (es6, es7)
  • React, Redux
  • Axios, moment, lodash, etc.
  • Git
  • Basic knowledge Node, Express
  • Installing and Configuring Servers *nix
  • Ethereum and Solidity

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